4 Simple reasons you suck at sales 

Are you tired of missing sales?


Is it possible that something in your sales process is holding you back from rapid growth?


Do you want to increase your sales rates and build customer loyalty?


It’s about time you enjoy selling…


Please, allow me to show you how!


Are You Selling or Telling?

During this FREE WEBINAR, Ben walks you through the reasons why your sales might be sucking and who you can emulate to easily solve your sales troubles and worries. 

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Do You Have A Plan?

Sales are won or lost in the planning stage. If you do not have a roadmap from beginning to close, you will never make it there.

The best sailor plans their route 

Not Enough Referrals

Your customer base may not be growing because you’re not asking for the referral.  Most customers would be glad to refer you, they’ve just never thought about it 

Are You Asking For The Sale?

Are you just talking to your potential client or actually asking them for the sale at the end of your spiel?

Spoiler alert: Theres a huge difference 


Are You Selling With Conviction?

A sale is more than just trying to get someone to buy something. Sales is a dance where you court your client to get them to follow your lead. You must believe in what you’re selling

So What Do You Have To Lose?

Join us for 1 hour on April 25th @ 2PM EST 

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Benjamin Brown

Author, Speaker, Coach

Benjamin Brown is CEO of 360 Sales Consulting, a company specializing helping businesses and entrepreneurs excel in sales and dramatically increase their bottom line. Their proprietary sales system has been come recognized as “game-changer” and is in demand by companies of all sizes throughout the United States. Ben’s sales career of more than twenty years began with selling health club memberships and quickly worked his way into sales manager and sales director positions. Having held both inside and outside sales positions his diverse experience includes selling autos, computer products and services, voice recognition software, staffing services, and transportation services. Ben is a former United States Marine with six years of service and a veteran of the Gulf War.